Thought Leadership Platform

Thought Leadership Platform

As the global digital environment comes under increasing strain due to cyber-attack, there has never been a more critical need for a platform for raising awareness and sharing knowledge in the field of information technology, and to bring together government and business leaders with industry experts to discuss and overcome obstacles.

We are fostering this collaboration through our Thought Leadership Platform, which is a pro bono initiative that takes place monthly at our headquarters in London, in the form of an interactive round table with sector-specific business leaders as our guests. We aim to raise awareness and share knowledge by creating an inspiring environment focused on the challenges and requirements of our guests.

Each Thought Leadership Platform is designed in collaboration with our Members to meet sector-specific information security requirements. We do this by drawing on the extensive expertise, experience and passion of our Members. Through this platform, we provide an opportunity for business leaders across the government, public and private sector to discuss their information security issues with a cross section of industry experts.

If you think your organisation/sector could benefit from the Secure Chorus Thought Leadership Platform, we will be happy to discuss it with you and organise it for you.

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